Your values, needs and desires are the priority when you choose a school or activity for your kids.

A graphic representing school choice.

The Family Choice Journal helps you make a choice that fits your family. 

The purpose of the Family Choice Journal is to support families and young people to reflect on their priorities, hopes and needs when they are looking for a school or activity.

A graphic representing school choice.

How to Use the Family Choice Journal

Getting Started

Print the Family Choice Journal. Grab some pens. Make a list of schools or activities you know about that interest you.

Getting Started – English

Getting Started – Spanish (Coming Soon)


Share what you know about yourself and what you hope to get out of this experience.

Reflect – English

Reflect – Spanish (Coming Soon)


Use the prompts to determine what you need and want out of a school or program.

Prioritize – English

Prioritize – Spanish (Coming Soon)


Look at the notes you made in the Family Choice Journal and reference them while you explore your options.

Review – English

Review – Spanish (Coming Soon)


a school and activities!