Incredible individuals and organizations across the globe are harnessing their resources, creativity, and power to transform education systems in meaningful ways to make learning equitable and relevant for young people. No one can do this work alone. Our systems of learning are complex and vary greatly by geography and other contexts.

RESCHOOL aims to lift the lessons learned and ideas emerging from our work to share with others and inspire change in their worlds. These are resources we’ve designed in partnership with communities we’ve worked with that can be used by others to inform ideation and system transformation.

School’s Out Visualization Tool

It is not news that our education system needs structural and systemic changes of unprecedented magnitude. 

What has been frustrating is how difficult it is to move from the abstract discussions about systemic change to something more concrete. 

That’s why RESCHOOL and some of our partners created this visualization tool, which gives you the permission to unhook yourself from the current system so you can imagine something totally different. 
Participate in this exercise with your team or by yourself. We’d love to hear what bubbles up for you. Send us a note at or reach out to us on Twitter.

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Reschool Learning Framework

More than an academic scorecard should define a young person’s strengths.

RESCHOOL created its Learning Framework to coordinate learning in a competency-based system. The framework invites multiple definitions of success which are dependent upon ways individuals may seek meaning in life and contribute to the world.

The core purpose of the framework is to ensure all learners have access to a multitude of rich developmental experiences that lead to agency, a clear sense of self, and a core set of transferable competencies.

Ways to Engage with the Learning Framework

Imagine the young people in your life and what experiences they have that would fit into this Learning Framework. How does that compare with the Learning Framework they’re operating under? What learning is being included and what is being left out? Which students are benefiting from the current Learning Framework and who is being left out?

The Learning Framework is also a core component of the REVOLVE Game which provides a way to engage in the framework in an immersive way.

A Diagram of the Learning Framework

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