Connect with a RESCHOOL Learner Advocate

A learner advocate supports young people and their families to:

  • Connect to learning opportunities, in and beyond school;
  • Remove barriers getting in the way of their learning;
  • Support their learning goals and interests;
  • Broaden their networks and develop new connections.
Photos of a teacher, student, and family linked with lines to represent in the Learner Advocate Network

We will share more information as this resource is available.

Find Learning Opportunities

Finding learning opportunities your family cares about should be simple.

The DISCOVER learning resource helps families and young people find relevant learning opportunities easily. We want you to spend more time actually doing activities rather than figuring out how to locate opportunities.

You can also join RESCHOOL Families Facebook Group to learn about more opportunities for youth.

A smartphone and a laptop showing the Discover Learning tool

Diverse Offerings

We work with learning providers to make sure families can discover an array of online, at-home and in person offerings in a simple and intuitive way. We believe learning that happens in our community and beyond should be readily accessible at your fingertips.

Local Learning

This tool is designed for families to discover activities provided by local organizations in the Denver-Metro area, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction.

Easy to Use

The DISCOVER learning resource gives families an easy way to learn about activities provided by many organizations so you can decide what programs and activities best suit your family. Please contact the provider directly to learn more about their offerings and program availability. DISCOVER is available in English and Spanish.

Ready to DISCOVER learning?

Receive Learning Dollars

Cost should not prevent young people from learning.

Youth spend 80% of their waking hours outside of school. Many learners take advantage of this time to pursue passions, expand relationships and networks, and develop new skills. But it can be expensive. This world outside of school has become more than a nice-to-have. Having access to it is critical for every young person’s future.

Learning Dollars provide funding to offset the costs and can be used to pay for resources and experiences children need in order to stay engaged in fun, interesting and important learning. RESCHOOL provides learning dollars to eligible families that can be used to pay for…

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New applications are not being accepted at this time. Information about how to apply will be on this page, when available.

Reflect On Your Interests and Needs

The Family Choice Journal helps you make a choice that fits your child and your family.

A graphic representing school choice.

Family Choice Journal

The purpose of the Family Choice Journal is to support families and young people to reflect on their priorities, hopes and needs when they are looking for a school or activity.

A graphic representing school choice.