Provide the Learner Advocate Service

Parents, especially working parents, face complex decisions when it comes to their children’s learning. A child’s school and the activities they participate in beyond school provides needed child care for parents while they’re working. Finding programming that is a fit is often a time-consuming, ever-changing task.

RESCHOOL’s Learner Advocate Network (LAN) supports families as they navigate learning decisions for and with their children. Support can range from choosing school-based learning that is a good fit for the family and child, to locating care and learning during summer and holiday breaks, supporting families in advocating for their child who has disabilities, transitioning from high school and beyond.

For now, the only way to provide a LAN is to partner with RESCHOOL and offer it as an employee benefit.

Photos of a teacher, student, and family linked with lines to represent in the Learner Advocate Network

Families and young people drive the level of support they receive from advocates and what the advocate supports them with. Building relationships between the advocate and family is the first priority. The rest will follow.

Photos of a teacher, student, and family linked with lines to represent in the Learner Advocate Network
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Employers offer the Learner Advocate Network service as a benefit to their employees who are parents.

Employers have chosen to do this for a variety of reasons including:

  • It is part of the organization’s core values to support their employees holistically
  • They want to offer unique benefits to attract talent and retain employees
  • They hope to reduce employee absenteeism and turnover due to unstable or insufficient child care

Community-Based Organizations

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RESCHOOL has partnered with community-based organizations so they can run Learner Advocate Networks for families they serve too. We’re in the process of developing resources and supports for more community-based organizations that want to do the same. More to come!

Woman reading to a child in a library

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Facilitate School Choice Workshops

Colorado families have the option to participate in School Choice, which allows students to apply to attend a public Kindergarten-12th grade school located outside of their immediate neighborhood or school district. Coloradoans may also choose non-public options such as homeschool or private schools.

A graphic representing school choice.
A graphic representing school choice.

School Choice Resource

There are so many things families consider when choosing a school. Most important is what THEY need and desire from a school.

RESCHOOL created the School Choice Workshop to support families and young people in finding the school that is the best fit for them. It can be used as the first step in the school choice process so their priorities remain at the center as they learn about different schools.

Districts, schools, community organizations and others can utilize the materials in this workshop to facilitate a session for families participating in the school choice process and school transitions. We have everything you need from how to prepare for the workshop to a survey you can distribute to families for feedback.

This workshop has been refined based on family and partner feedback over the years. If you use the workshop, please reach out and let us know how it goes or how you adjusted it to better suit your community. Our resources evolve based on what we hear from the communities using them.

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