Partnering with community-based organizations and families is a core component of RESCHOOL’s work in creating more equitable learning ecosystems. Over the past several months, RESCHOOL has been partnering with organizations in Adams County to create more access to learning opportunities that reflect families’ needs and wants. In this blog post, we’ll highlight the significant work happening in Adams County through these partnerships. 

By partnering with Cultivando, RESCHOOL provided $10,000 in grants to educational providers such as the Colorado Soccer Foundation’s Afterschool Soccer Program and Colorado Youth Mariachi, which families identified as providers they wanted to see in their community. In the Colorado Soccer Foundation’s case, this commitment to community collaboration provided certification for young referees and an after-school soccer program at a local elementary school and extended opportunities to work and engage within and beyond their community spaces. These community initiatives help cultivate a sense of belonging, responsibility, and leadership among participants while enhancing their exploration of future opportunities.

Youth participating in the Soccer After-School Referee Program offered by the Colorado Soccer Foundation. 

Furthermore, through this partnership, RESCHOOL has provided $25,000 in Learning Dollars to 25 families participating in parent and child advocacy connected to Cutivando and the Brighton Housing Authority, enabling them to purchase educational resources and experiences that best suit their needs. These funds are facilitating access to diverse educational materials, from books and art supplies to technology like computers and tablets, as well as extracurricular activities that include sports equipment and musical instruments. In addition, each family can enroll in RESCHOOL’s Pick-A-Pass program, where families are offered access to an annual membership or pass to cultural institutions and state parks of their choosing. These approaches support various educational paths and foster youth exploration and development of diverse interests, demonstrating RESCHOOL’s commitment to holistic education in partnership with families. 

RESCHOOL’s work in Adams County has also included curated community resources and discounts through other partnerships and programs in digestible ways to share with families. For instance, the Activity Booklet and the new Family Choice Journal developed by RESCHOOL guide families in utilizing their Learning Dollars effectively, tailored to children’s interests and family contexts.

These collective efforts are a testament to what is achievable when communities, providers, and organizations unite. This work is a profound reminder that equitable learning opportunities should be accessible, adaptable, and inclusive, ensuring every child and family can reach their full potential.

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