The RESCHOOL Choice Workshop supports students and their families in building their agency to make intentional and informed choices about an elementary, middle or high school transition.

As schools and organizations explore what type of support to provide families in the increasingly complex process of choosing a school, we are offering a tested resource that can be replicated with minimal investment of time and money.

Facilitator's Tool Kit

Everything you need to facilitate a RESCHOOL Choice Workshop!

Toolkit Materials (Provided in English and Spanish)

Family Fit Tool

A questionnaire that helps parents sort through the most important factors to them when choosing a school.
Elementary SchoolMiddle SchoolHigh School

Learner Profile

A tool for students to surface their own values on school.
Download the Learner Profile

Choice Factors

Participants arrange these cards in order of importance.
Elementary SchoolMiddle SchoolHigh School

School Profile

A snapshot of information about each school.
Download the School Profile(Example of a completed School Profile)

Top Choice List

A note catcher for parents and students to fill in together as they gather information about potential schools.
Download the Top Choice List

Preparing for the Workshop

A step-by-step guide on how to prepare to facilitate a workshop.
Download the Preparing for the Workshop

Workshop Exit Survey

An optional tool for the facilitator to gather feedback on the workshop experiences from participating families.
Take the Survey


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