Designing Education
For Today

RESCHOOL is adapting its resources and services to support families during the COVID-19 outbreak. We have expanded the Blueprint4SummerCO website we run to include activities families can access while they are at home. The site has a special focus on highlighting how Denver Metro out of school providers are adapting their programming. We’re adding to the website daily and encourage you to share the resource with your networks and families. We've also created the Summer Learning During COVID-19 Tool, a family activity that supports families in figuring out what care and activity options are the best fit for them. Along with some of our partners, we've launched the Education Innovation Fund, of which a portion of the dollars will be given directly to families to use on learning experiences for their kids.

Take Care, The RESCHOOL Team


RESCHOOL is not actually a school at all. It’s a non-profit organization creating the conditions for more expansive learning. We leverage and reorganize existing assets and resources more purposefully around the needs of kids.

We work directly with learners, families and communities.
We conduct research to measure impact and inform next steps.
We launch new projects to address gaps in the ecosystem.

The RESCHOOL Mission

Create an equitable education system where learning that happens everywhere is fully accessible to all young people.

The Opportunity

Youth spend 75% of their waking hours outside of school. Many learners take advantage of this 75% of their time to pursue passions, expand relationships and networks, and develop new skills.

There is growing demand from users - learners, families, and communities - to integrate and validate the learning occurring within and beyond school.

The Challenge

Navigating the school part of the education system is already challenging. Adding in out-of-school learning adds a new layer of complexity that needs to be addressed.

Access to out-of-school learning is also inequitable. Over time, this creates and reinforces gaps in exposure, exploration, relationships, and opportunities to develop purpose and a sense of self in the real world.

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