• Tony Lewis launches RESCHOOL Colorado as an initiative of Donnell-Kay Foundation, with Amy Anderson at the helm. Broad research informs RESCHOOL's vision and design.
  • We partner with a group of families in a human-centered design process which led to A New Vision of Early Learners. This experience surfaces concepts that make up a shared vision for a learner-centered education system.
  • We conduct a one-year pilot of the Learner Advocate Network with two Denver-based employers to test its functions, structure, operations, tools, and ultimately its impact on the learning of youth and their families.

  • We file paperwork for RESCHOOL to become an independent non-profit to grow emerging concepts.

  • We partner with the Clark-Fox Foundation to bring Blueprint4Summer to Colorado, greatly expanding access to summer learning for kids in Denver, Boulder and Aurora.
  • Our ED, Amy Anderson writes this article to explain RESCHOOL's evolved thinking.

  • In its inaugural year, there were over 3,000 summer sessions on the Blueprint4Summer Colorado site, and 32,000 pageviews. 

  • The Learner Advocate Network (LAN) wrapped up its pilot in mid 2018, and we expanded our partnership with SCL Health across two hospital sites to provide the LAN through 2019.

  • We raised $55,000 in scholarships that was used to match scholarships from existing providers and for LAN families for learning the family chose. 
  • We raised $65,000 in scholarships for out of school learning experiences, and partnered with providers with large scholarship funds to reach a more diverse population.

  • Blueprint4Summer Colorado held over 4,000 summer sessions and over 34,000 pageviews.

  • Learner Advocates reached over 600 employees and worked deeply with a cohort of over 70 parents and 140 kids at SCL Health locations.

"Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time."

Rabindranath Tagore