In 2016, RESCHOOL designed a game (now called REVOLVE) to engage people in our work. REVOLVE immerses players in a year in the life of a young person in today’s world. Participants gain refreshing perspectives on how decisions about learning are made when a person’s aspirations, interests and context are intentionally considered. 

The purpose of REVOLVE is to learn how to better relate to and advocate for young people, to trust them, to see them, to hear their challenges and support them. 

By highlighting the valuable experiences that occur both in and outside of school, it widens the field to create more wins for young people and raises questions about how to better design our systems of learning in new ways. We want even the smallest opportunities to be sustainable and meaningful, and non-traditional learning, new and rare skills, and varied intellect in their background or foreground to be an equally competitive asset for them. We want more than an academic scorecard to define a young person’s strengths.

We have facilitated and shared REVOLVE in many contexts through the years – with educators, youth, parents, system leaders, policy makers and funders. 

Based on feedback from facilitators and participants, we are redesigning REVOLVE to reach a broader audience.

REVOLVE Release Date: Spring 2020

"Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time."

Rabindranath Tagore