Not Currently Accepting Applications

The requests received for these funds far exceeds the funding we currently have available. We are not accepting additional applications after Friday, June 5, 2020. The need for these dollars is clear. We are actively fundraising to be able to re-open the fund. If you are interested in investing to expand this fund, contact

Note: Any applications received by Friday, June 5th will be considered on June 15th.

As part of the Education Innovation Fund, families have access to learning dollars that can be used to cover the costs for resources and experiences children need in order to stay engaged in fun, interesting and important learning during the summer.

Funds are being prioritized for families who are disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and are facing economic hardships.

What Can I Use These Learning Dollars For?

These dollars are intended to be used towards learning for young people. We are open to hearing from families what that looks like for them, but have provided some suggestions below.

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Application and Timeline

Note: New applications are not being accepted at this time.

Applications will be reviewed next on June 15th. Applicants can expect contact from RESCHOOL 1-2 weeks after regarding the status of their application.

Applicants who receive learning dollars will be asked to take a short survey sent to you via text or email later this summer to share what your family did with the learning dollars and your experience with the Family Learning Dollars Fund.

Questions? Contact or

720-460-1774 (English) or 720-460-1105 (Spanish)

More about the Education Innovation Fund

In response to COVID-19’s dramatic impact on schools and overall disruption of daily learning and school operations, the Education Innovation Fund was developed as a K-12 initiative to support innovation in learning.

The Fund is supporting:

  • Emergent approaches to learning to meet learners’ needs

  • Ideas that make our education systems more resilient

  • Ideas that are transformative, systemic and sustainable

Small, medium and large-sized grants will be given to go towards:

  • Learning dollars for families

  • Locally-driven efforts to design and test new models of learning

  • Strategies that address the disruption of school and district operations due to COVID-19 for Summer 2020 and the 2020-2021 school year.

Who can apply

Individuals or teams of people can apply!

Parents, entrepreneurs, students, educators, school leaders, families, out-of-school learning providers, school networks (district or charter schools), nonprofit organizations, superintendents, boards of education or others partnering with districts.

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“I’ll be watching how new approaches beyond the traditional system, like RESCHOOL Colorado, can offer lessons around the governance implications of public-private out-of-school learning models. These new approaches may just offer the chance to truly reinvent governance and accountability from the ground up.”

Julia Freeland Fisher, Christensen Institute