Back in 2014, RESCHOOL created a map to offer a visualization of the education system we aspired to create. 

Our 2-dimensional map of the past has now come to life through partnerships we’ve had the great opportunity to form with a diverse array of people, affiliated with various organizations, all sharing similar goals to make learning that happens everywhere more accessible and equitable for Colorado youth. Collectively, we are creating the system we’ve always envisioned. 

This collection of photos reflects just some of the people we’ve intersected with since RESCHOOL’s inception. Most of these organizations operate in close proximity to youth and families, others add expertise to our team, such as researchers and designers.

Our 2013 Partners

2013: DK Foundation and Christensen institute

Our 2014-2015 Partners

2014-2015: Greater Good and boulder housing partners

2016: Entangled solutions and local learning providers

Our 2017-2019 Partners

2017-2019: Clark-fox family foundation, SCL Health, Embassy Suites, local learning providers, the center on reinventing public education, and matter

Our 2020 Partners

2020: Colorado succeeds, Transform education now, Denver scholarship foundation, Lyra, gates family foundation, rooted, and empower schools

Join Us

Our greatest hope is to inspire, support and resource shifts in the education ecosystem so that meaningful learning is accessible to all young people in Colorado. 

It will take all of us to accomplish that. 

Your talents are unique. You offer a particular value to your community and context. If you’re interested in being part of this work, start by exploring this site—it’s “chalk” full of ways to jump in.