What do we want for our kids? What do they need?

We want our children to be lifelong learners who pursue extraordinary paths and are prepared for each step along the way as powerful contributors to our society. Young people need a diversity of learning experiences to develop intelligence, confidence, common sense and direction.

We need education designed for today.

What we want for our children may not be much different than it was a century ago. But the world has changed, and education hasn't kept up. Despite many great people and programs, far too many students in today’s education system are uninspired by school and unprepared for work and civic life.

Guiding Beliefs

  • Learners are agents of their destinies and co-designers of their education experience.

  • Success for young adulthood depends on more than academic preparation. Education must offer high quality, multi-faceted opportunities for learners to seek meaning in life and contribute to their community.

  • The education system must be a dynamic system, so it can respond to the changing needs of the world.

  • Building relationships and social networks are essential for navigating learning and life.

  • We must disrupt traditional power dynamics in order to advance equity in education. That means honoring and giving weight to people historically excluded from system design and leadership.

  • Educators will flourish and thrive when they are valued and their expertise is leveraged.

"We are shifting to self-organising systems, where learning is an emergent phenomenon.”

Sugata Mitra, The School in the Cloud