Meet the Students

All of ReSchool’s initiatives are intended to build a more relevant, holistic learning experience for learners. Here are a few profiles of learners who have experienced ReSchool’s initiatives in their own learning.


Kaleb is a high school senior and first-generation American. His mom signed up for the support of a Learner Advocate at work because the college process confused her and she wanted to be sure Kaleb was on the right track with college applications.

Kaleb is deeply passionate about game design, and while he intended to go to college all along, he’d never met with a college counselor and the financial aid deadlines were quickly approaching.

His advocate connected Kaleb with a tool called Couragion which helped make transparent all the steps he’d need to take to pursue a career as a game designer. Together, they researched colleges with strong computer science programs, but with scholarships available to lower the cost.


Gaby's dad found out that our Learner Advocate Network was offered as a benefit through his workplace. Wanting some extra support, he started working with an advocate who got to know him and his kids, their experiences in the education system, and their aspirations and challenges.

Ten-year-old Gaby is passionate about math. As she decides where to attend middle school next year, she wants a math and science focused program. Her dad is set on her attending a magnet school for the arts, which is widely perceived to be one of the strongest options in the city. The school has competitive auditions. Gaby hasn’t had the chance to practice art outside of school, which will likely put her at a disadvantage in the admissions process. With their advocate, Gaby and her dad work through these different factors influencing their decision.

Gaby's dad agreed to visit a STEM-focused public school with her, and she agreed to try out a film-making camp over the holiday break to better prepare for her videography audition. After a full-day at the film camp learning about claymation, Gaby's family spent the whole break writing the script, making the set, and trying different shots for her film.

Gaby enjoyed learning this new skill so much she decided to list the arts school as her top choice. Two months later, she was accepted. Gaby and her advocate found a STEAM camp to attend for five weeks this summer so she can continue to explore new art forms while also building on her passion for engineering and science, so she feels confident and well-prepared for the first day of middle school.

"Reading and writing should be the floor, not the ceiling."

John Dewey