Paola Ramirez, Director of Family & Community Partnerships

Paola leads and coordinates the Learner Advocate Network (LAN) that supports families as they navigate learning for their children. Paola also co-leads the Learning Community Initiatives Project. She focuses on authentic partnership with families, community and family-facing organizations. Paola is interested in supporting and broadening the learning landscape for providers and families.

In addition to being a Director of Family and Community Partnerships with the RESCHOOL team, Paola serves on the board for the Colorado Soccer Foundation and Mountain Mamas. She supports Museo de las Américas on its Strategy Committee, Park Hill for Equity for Education Shared Resources Task Force, and is a Fellow in Climb Higher Colorado’s Systems Impact Institute. Paola has served on the Teach for America Alumni Advisory Board and the Denver Public Schools Application Review Team. She is also a founding board member of Denver Discovery School.  Paola taught in a variety of bilingual school settings in East Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver and remains a strong advocate of bilingual education. She received her BA in Art History from the University of Notre Dame and a Masters in Education with a focus on Literacy and Language Acquisition from San Francisco State University.

Paola is committed to advocating for and creating diverse learner-centered educational environments that are supportive of students and families, who have been systemically marginalized.  She believes that students and families thrive and continue to develop their unique voice in diverse settings that are carefully developed to counter systemic biases.

"Reading and writing should be the floor, not the ceiling."

John Dewey