Jess Fuller, Director of Project Development & Operations

Jess coordinates and manages the development of many of RESCHOOL's concepts. This includes identifying expertise, developing outreach strategies, working with partners and establishing work flows. She led the redesign of REVOLVE and is standing it up as RESCHOOL's first product for sale. Jess also manages RESCHOOL's grants, contracts and operations. .

Prior to joining RESCHOOL, Jess worked at the Colorado Department of Education in multiple roles. She was a grant manager for federally and state-funded dollars supporting adult education programs, worked with innovation and charter schools, and worked in the Commissioner's Office and the High School Equivalency Testing Office. Prior to CDE, Jess worked with a non-profit providing high school equivalency testing and skills coaching, primarily to youth and adults who were incarcerated.

She believes the school-based education system and the people serving within it are overtaxed, and that if we recognize all the places in which young people learn and access support, and directly address inequities, we will be able to better tap into the innovative ideas of our learning providers and give all young people access to the meaningful learning they deserve.

Jess graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies and a Minor in Business. She is a Fellow with the Systems Impact Institute through Climb Higher Colorado and gets a lot of joy from being a mom to two awesome young kids who already navigate the world in their own unique ways.

“I’ll be watching how new approaches beyond the traditional system, like RESCHOOL Colorado, can offer lessons around the governance implications of public-private out-of-school learning models. These new approaches may just offer the chance to truly reinvent governance and accountability from the ground up.”

Julia Freeland Fisher, Christensen Institute