How should kids learn?

To move beyond reform to real change, ReSchool questions the fundamental assumptions underlying our current education system. Should our children be learning in the same format that children did a century ago? Should all young people be learning the same way?


ReSchool connects critical spheres of learning - academics, a learner's interests, and inspiring peers and mentors - in ways that meet each learner's unique needs. This learning landscape is characterized by diverse providers coordinated to support a customized learning path designed around what each child needs. Advocates help learners and their families navigate available resources to build a learning playlist that drives towards their goals.


The learning that is valued and validated in the new system calls for engagement across a variety of learning formats at different times throughout a learner's trajectory. There are times where individual, perhaps online, work is the best match for the skills and competencies a learner is pursuing. Other times, engaging in authentic group projects or participating in an apprenticeship may serve a student's learning goals better. A variety of learning formats supports all students in accessing learning experiences that are dynamic, mirror the work they may pursue in the future and expose them to strategies and habits to fuel a lifetime of learning.


Learning already occurs in a variety of places and in a range of formats offered by a multitude of providers, such as museums, libraries and other cultural institutions, recreation centers, individual tutors and coaches and industry internships and apprenticeships. Some learners have greater access to these opportunities than others, mostly outside of school and often enabled by their own family's financial support. ReSchool aims to close this opportunity gap and ensure greater access to a variety of engaging opportunities for all learners, instead of just as optional add-ons for certain students.

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Key Components of The ReSchool System

What should kids learn?

In addition to the fundamentals, we have the ability to offer young people a much broader range of learning to spark their curiosity and introduce them early on to careers matching their passions.

WHY should kids learn?

Academic achievement is based on very old ideas about what it means to be educated. These valuable standards and traditions can be redefined to sync up with what young people need today to lead successful, meaningful lives.

"Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time."

Rabindranath Tagore